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COVID19 No-Fee Consignment Program

COVID-19 No Fee Consignment Program

Folks, the unemployment figures released today are staggering: 16.6 million at last count.  While the financial stimulus package will provide some comfort, we know some of you are in a really tough spot right now.

We here at El Diablo want to help.   If you are a Twin Cities-based musician, and you need to move some gear during this challenging period, reach out to us.   For a limited time, we’ll waive any/all consignment fees for those of you that have lost your job or had your hours cut.

Here’s how it’ll work: 

For this first week, we are going to limit gear submissions to PEDALS, as they are relatively inexpensive, quick to test, fast to sell and easy to ship.  If the program goes well, we’ll open it up to amps and guitars in the weeks ahead.

 First step: email us at COVID19@eldiabloamps.com 

Your email should contain your name, address and a phone number, along with a list of the pedals that you are dropping off/mailing in.  Please include the name of your employer, along with your current situation (furloughed, let go, reduced hours).  We’ll take you at your word.  (Suffice it to say, it would be mighty bad karma to lie and take advantage of a global pandemic for your own gain.) Let us know how you’d like to be paid (PayPal or VenMo).  Sorry, no cash, no checks.  

  1. We’re limiting this offer to 10 pedals per person.  
  2. You can only participate once within each product category (ie. Pedals, amps, guitars)
  3. Please wipe and clean each pedal, preferably with a disinfectant cleaner.
  4. Every piece of gear MUST have your full name, phone number and email taped to it directly.  We are NOT responsible for gear that is not labeled. 
  5. Thoroughly TEST each and every piece of gear!  We will TOSS any pedal that does not work. 
  6. Original boxes and paperwork/stickers help support the final selling price.  So if you have the boxes somewhere, it’s worth your time to find them.
  7. Individual items must have a minimum value of $40.  
  8. If you have a rare/vintage/collectible pedal that you believe is worth over $300, you MUST note that in your initial email.  
  9. We’ll set the price of your gear.  This is a crucial point and it’s important for you to understand why we are doing so.  With a typical consignment, you determine the selling price for your gear.  But here, our goal is to sell your gear relatively quickly at a fair market price.  If prices are too high, your gear will sit here for months.  Rest assured, we won’t sell your gear for pennies on the dollar!  Again, our goal is to get you the most money we can within a reasonable amount of time.  We encourage you to do your own pricing research BEFORE you come in.  
  10. We reserve the right to decline any item we do not think we can sell.
  11. All Mpls/St Paul music stores share a list serve of stolen gear.  Anything pops up as stolen, we’ll report it to the Minneapolis PD.
  12. We’ll take on as many applicants as we possibly can.  However, if we find that the response is more than we can handle, we reserve the right to turn away new applicants until we can clear out existing inventory.  
  13. This offer is limited to our Minneapolis/St. Paul community (for the time being).  
  14. You can drop off the pedals in person.  Park in the lot that we share with Whitey’s Saloon during regular business hours (M-F 11-7, Sat 11-5).  Call us from your car and we’ll come out to pick up your gear.  Pedals should be placed in a box or bag that is clearly labeled with your contact information.  
  15. You can mail us your pedals.  Our mailing address is 407 Central Ave SE, Ste. 101, Minneapolis, MN 55414. Please be sure to include your name and contact information on everything in the box!!
  16. If you are donating gear, follow all the steps above, but in the initial email you must make it clear that it is a donation.  We will reply with a confirmation.  All other rules apply.  Proceeds will be donated to: Twin Cities Music Community Trust.  Twincitiescommunitytrust dot org


We will NOT contact you when an individual item sells.  If you don’t have an account on Reverb.com, we highly recommend that you create one.  That way, you can “Follow” our store and then “Watch” your item when it lists.  Reverb will alert you once the watched item sells.   You can expect payment 48-72 hours after the fact.  Payouts can be made via PayPal “Friends and Family” (no fees for you!) or VenMo.  Sorry, no cash, no checks.  

Whew!  We know that was a LONG checklist to get through, but it’s important to lay down the ground rules so that we can all be on the same page moving forward.  Needless to say, we know this is only a drop in the bucket.  If you’ve lost your job, a couple of hundred dollars won’t substantially change your situation.  BUT...every little bit helps, and our hope is that having us sell your gear gives you one fewer thing to worry about.  We appreciate you!  Hang in there, there are better days ahead!!

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