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Benson Amps Dizzy Bird 1 Watt Spring Reverb


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JUST IN! Benson's highly flexible, ingenious 1 Watt Reverb head- the Dizzy Bird. The sky is the limit with this thing, but we found that just plugging straight into the accompanying 1x10" cab offers you a LOUD single watt of Vinny overdrive and very psychedelic, thick spring verb. An insert to the Vinny preamp is available along with an 8ohm out, a Direct Out and a Reverb out on the front panel.

1x10" Benson Cab available for an extra $449. Give us a call!

From Benson:

The Dizzy Bird can be used in a few different ways.

1.  Use the Tall Bird and the Vinny sections completely independently...on different sources.

2.  Use the Tall Bird into the Vinny...these are internally connected in this order when you plug into the input on the front and use the direct or speaker outs on the back.

3.  Use the Vinny into the Tall Bird by running an instrument cable from the direct out on back into the input on the front, and use the output on the front going to another amp.  The speaker output on the back can still be used, but the signal would be without reverb.  This is nice for a wet-dry setup.

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