Benson Amps Tall Bird Reverb

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The Tall Bird is an original design all-tube standalone reverb unit loosely based on the sound of several of the beautiful failures of the 50s and 60s. The Tall Bird features DC filaments for a noise floor second to none, and is just as at home in the studio patched into a console as it is sitting on an amp in a crowded venue. Part of the unique design is that, rather than a single mix knob, there are dedicated dry and wet volume knobs. With the dry knob at 12 oclock (5 on the dial), the dry signal is at unity gain, but if dialed higher you can use it to push an amplifier! Or you can turn it all the way down and use the Tall Bird all wet on a mix buss, or send it to another amp for weird spatial effects. The dwell control controls how hard the reverb tank is hit with signal; turned up to a certain point it can overdrive the reverb tank for euphonic, cavernous reverb, or set halfway it can do a polite clean reverb that can still completely overwhelm the dry signal if you want it to with a simple twist of the wet knob. Another unique feature of the Tall Bird is that when the footswitch is clicked off, the tail of the reverb still rings out, a benefit of the uncommonly quiet reverb return circuitry. All tube signal path Hand-wired onto terminal strips Dry Mix, Wet Mix, Dwell controls Baltic Birch cabinet covered in ticking and lacquer Utilizes 2x12ax7s and 1x12au7 Footswitch allows reverb tail to decay naturally
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