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logo-benson.pngChris Benson is a man obsessed with music. While he could have contented himself simply playing in bands, his natural curiosity led him to start tinkering with amps in his Seattle basement. Before long, he had won himself an apprenticeship at Verellen Amplifiers. He stayed on after his apprenticeship and ended up running the shop’s repair and modification operations.  During this time, he personally constructed, tested, and listened to hundreds of different circuits representing the best of the vintage and modern eras of amp design. Chris began work on an original design that eventually led to the construction of the Monarch 15W head and the Tall Bird reverb unit.  Fast forward to 2011, when Jessica Dobson took the Monarch prototype on a world tour with The Shins. As word spread, the Monarch was picked up by folks such as Tucker Martine, producer for My Morning Jacket, and Chris Funk, guitarist for the Decemberists. We are proud to offer Benson Amps, where Chris builds heirloom-quality amps one by one…