Brunetti MC2 60W 1x12" Combo

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The Brunetti MC2 is a 3 channel, all-tube amplifier built in Italy. It boasts 60 watts of power in a 1x12 combo enclosure. The amp is in excellent shape, and is one of the few you can find in the US. For fans of versatile amps, running the gauntlet from crystal clean to absolute saturation and crunch, this is your pick! Includes the original footswitch.

From Brunetti:

MC² is a point of reference among the combos, the Holy Grail Tone Monster. It represents the best sound quality in a small cabinet. The first note from the MC² sounds like a 4×12” stack, solid and surrounding with a balanced tone. The MC2 is the result of a marriage between the best electric and acoustic choice: a pair of EL34 tubes producing 60W into a 12” Jensen speaker with 99dB of efficiency! The Clean channel is spatial, convincing, flexible and equipped with great punch. The Crunch channel delivers everything from blues-rock tones to the most extreme rock-crusher power chord. The Crunch channel is the modern link between the vintage and the modern sound. Players have said of the Lead channel ”It is the biggest sound ever heard from a 1 x 12” 60 watts combo”.

This little monster will kick your solos out with a big, laser-like focus present and incisive, think Mozart meets Godzilla. The EDGE function offers more flexibility with the ability to modify the harmonic structure even more. On top of all of this delicious sundae, Marco’s heaps the venerated Accutronics spring reverb with separate controls for Clean and Crunch/Lead channels. Needless to say, the MC2 is made from the highest quality components and it is carefully hand-assembled, wired and tested and ready for professional use. Energy = MC², Einstein wasn’t kidding and neither are we!

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