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Cali76 Compact Deluxe


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The Cali76 Compact Deluxe is an 1176-style studio-grade FET compressor featuring high-current, low-noise, discrete Class-A circuitry and a dedicated parallel compression control.

Separate controls for Attack, Release and Ratio let you precisely tailor your tone, from transparent transient control to flat-out limiting and monster sustain. Meanwhile, the elegant jewel lamp functions as an intuitive three-colour gain reduction meter. 

The ace in the hole is the Dry Blend control, which lets you mix your dry signal back in with your compressed guitar tone for true parallel compression. An indispensable studio recording technique, parallel compression gives you all of the tone thickening and increased sensitivity of the Cali76, while keeping hold of the natural dynamic expression in your playing.

It’s the ultimate in transparent compression and sustain. By blending your “honest” guitar tone together with more subtle compression, you can also create the kind of three-dimensional, sparkling tone that you’re used to hearing on records – not coming out of your amp!

Rugged MELF resistors offer low noise performance and rock-solid reliability. Film and tantalum capacitors offer tight tolerances and superb linearity. Carefully chosen transistors biased at relatively high currents yield a distinct signal-to-noise advantage.

Please note: the Cali76 Compact is powered by a mains adaptor only. They’ve dispensed with the usual 9V battery option, both to save space and to allow them to adopt a high-current approach, yielding lower noise levels and superior tone.

Product Videos

Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Deluxe demo by Johnny Hiland 17:54

1176-Style Studio Quality Compressor Pedal demonstrated by chicken pickin' extraordinaire Johnny Hiland. Johnny shows how to use a compressor pedal for limiting, evening dynamics, adding sustain, and parallel compression effects. The Cali76 Compact Deluxe from Origin Effects is equally suited for rock, country, jazz, and slide playing and Johnny walks you through the best settings for these styles. Accurately reproducing the tone and response of the legendary 1176 studio compressor, these compact floor pedals deliver the kind of musical response, tonal transparency and extremely low noise previously unheard of in a guitar pedal. Recorded at Studio 19, Nashville, Tennessee

  • Origin Effects...
    1176-Style Studio Quality Compressor Pedal demonstrated by chi...

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