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Lida Machine Resonant Filter


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The new Lida Machine from YellowCake is an analog Resonant Filter, also known as a VCF (Voltage Control Filter) with two independently adjustable LFO’s, the second of which can be switched on/off to further modulate the signal.  You can use an expression pedal to control the 'Freq.' (Frequency) knob and it has a separate CV-IN so you can add other Voltage Controlled synth modules.


Despite the number of knobs, the control layout was easy to understand and we were dialing in cool sounds within minutes: from a warbling viscous chorus to choppy Uni-vibe, from a funky auto-wah to a trippy phaser-tinged tremolo. Turning on the second LFO added a fascinating level of complexity to the modulation, which only improved when we fed it an overdriven signal.  That’s when all manner of spacey, psychedelic, mind-altering sounds came to light!  Super fun!  


Despite the waiting-list, we were able to nab two for the shop.  If you’re yearning to expand your sound palette, stop in soon before they sell! 



Freq. - Adjusts frequency of the Voltage Controlled Filter.

Res - Adjust Resonance of VCF. Oscillation starts when knob is at 4 o’clock.

Rate - Controls rate of the LFO.

Depth - Controls intensity of the LFO

X - Sets the degree to which the expression pedal input influences the Frequency control of the VCF.

CV-IN - Input for adding in other modulation or synth like modules.

LFO 1 Switch - 2-way toggle that switches triangle LFO rate from Slow to Fast .

LFO 2 Switch - 3-way waveform toggle switch. Ramp, Triangle, and Sawtooth

Clean - Clean signal mix.

Level - Total output volume.

Power - 9 - 12v 2.1mm negative center adapter.

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SNAMM '17 - Yellowcake Pedals Lida Machine Demo 03:08

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