Ramble FX Kismet

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We are very proud and excited to have Ramble FX from Hastings MN, as a part of the family!

We'll go ahead and let Ramble FX explain this innovative pedal. Behold, The Kismet.

The Kismet is an incredible new distortion pedal that combines 100% analog tone with digital features. It uses progressive diode clipping, a method of sculpting the distortion with two sets of diodes clipping at different levels. That gives Kismet a wide gain range with just the right amount of compression throughout.

The Kismet has a digital microcontroller that works in the background, capable of changing the internal resistances of all its settings. That gives Kismet the ability to save and recall presets and an innovative expression control that can sweep any or all settings, in any amounts, any directions, all at the same time. Kismet also has full MIDI support, making it a perfect match for any MIDI equipped setup.

MIDI unlocks even more of Kismet's abilities. Kismet's memory expands to 100 positions with MIDI, and all of those extra spots can be used to store presets -or- expression settings. MIDI can also take direct control over all of the settings and footswitches.

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