Ramble FX Marvel Drive v3 (White)

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We are very proud and excited to have Ramble FX from Hastings MN, as a part of the family! 

One of the three pedals in their deadly lineup is the Marvel 3 Drive. The circuit is 100% JFET based, with no clipping diodes or op-amps. Marvel Drive's circuit is identical to that of a plexi amplifier, substituting JFETs for vacuum tubes. This gives Marvel Drive the touch sensitive and dynamic response of the legendary amplifier. The Marvel Drive also uses two gain stages in parallel. "one with a bright and throaty scream, and one with enough thump to rattle the walls." This is directly emulating a jumpered Plexi. Lastly, the Marvel Drive accepts any power supply voltage and converts it to 9 and 18 volts switchable on the fly. 18V provides a big boost of volume and a sharper attack.

Brand: Ramble FX

Model: Marvel 3 Drive

FX Type: Overdrive

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