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SOLD!!! Vox AC30 Custom C2


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This Vox AC30 Custom C2 has undergone over $1000 in mods by Psionic Audio that expertly reproduce the majesty of the 1964 JMI Vox AC30. Resistors and caps across the board have been dutifully replaced with vintage spec SOZO, Sprague, Nichicon components, the stock Chinese transformer has been upgraded to a new USA Mercury Magnetics Output transformer, $400 in upgraded speakers: 12" Weber Blue Dog + 12" Weber Silver Bell, a voicing switch has been added to the Top Boost channel to evoke a pre-'65 sound or that of the '67 Top Boost and last but not least, a voltage power scaling feature is built-in to the power switch for amp attenuation. All in all, what you get is a far warmer and musical tone, just about the closest thing you can get to a hand-wired vintage Vox without shelling out $4K++. 
This is a shining example of Vox tone, get it before it's gone! 

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