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Sonic Warfare


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The Sonic Warfare is a simple, massive sounding, one-knob, fuzz pedal that yields different fuzz tones with the turn of your guitar's controls.

With the guitar volume turned down you get a crunchy, almost over-driven, fuzz tone.

Turning the guitar's volume all the way up gives you a huge, thick fuzz that makes chords like fuzzy napalm and thick, syrupy leads.

The Sonic Warfare uses NOS BC109 silicon transistors.

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Review Demo - Stomp Under Foot Sonic Warfare Fuzz 09:46

Read the review: http://bit.ly/SUFSonicWarfare What is that warm sense of bliss and reassurance that overcomes us when we see a one-knob stompbox? It’s almost primal. Perhaps in this age of overflowing pedalboards and stompboxes with a thousand knobs and blinking LEDS, a one-knob fuzz whispers to our cluttered subconscious: “Be calm, my child—this time, you don’t have to think.” And with Stomp Under Foot’s Sonic Warfare, you don’t have to think—not much anyway. It’s a silicon fuzz with a Fuzz Face pedigree. And while that single knob might instinctively seem limiting, it’s a meaty, many-hued fuzz that’s highly responsive to guitar volume changes and picking dynamics, providing a spectrum of sonic color. The Sonic Warfare is closely related to the ’90s Colorsound Fuzz Box, which was derived from the Jennings Fuzz of the late ’60s, which was a simplified cousin of the Fuzz Face, Tone Bender “MK 1.5,” and Vox Distortion Booster. To continue reading the review, visit: http://bit.ly/SUFSonicWarfare

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    Read the review: http://bit.ly/SUFSonicWarfare What is that w...

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