1960s Sears Silvertone Solid State 150 with Matching 6 x 10" Cabinet Amp

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A killer 150 Watt solid state amplifier with plenty of vibe to go around. This amp comes with the footswitch for channel switching and engaging reverb and/or tremolo. Did we also mention how great the reverb and tremolo sound?? The Solid State 150 makes for a solid pedal platform and also brings some cool 60's jangle to the table. If you're interested in this amplifier and you haven't heard the sound of a 6x10 cabinet then come on over toi the shop and try it out! 

The amp is in total working condition and though it's minimal, it has all the expeced cosmetic wear of a 60 year old amplifier. The pots are clean, jacks are sturdy, and knobs are knobby.

Year: 1960's

Brand: Silvertone

Model: Solid State 150

Finish: Original Black Tolex

Power: 150 Watts Solid State

Speaker: Original 6 x 10"

Inputs: 4 x 1/4" 

Outputs: 1 x Footswitch and hardwired speaker out

Controls: Channel One and Two: Volume, Bass, Treble - Reverb Depth and Drive - Tremolo Strength and Speed

FX: Reverb and Tremolo

Footswitch: Yes

Cover: No


Sears Silvertone Guitar Amp video