1960's Silvertone 1448 with Original Case Amp

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You don't see this too often! An all-in-one guitar, amp, and case from Silvertone. Advertised in the Sears catalog from the 1960s, this was marketed to players who wanted all of the essentials to get started with electric guitar. The creativity in the design alone makes this worth owning as a piece of guitar history and nothing else quite sounds like it. The 1448 has a shorter scale length (24.5") and lets you fly across the fingerboard with ease and comfort. The action is sitting right where it needs to be (around 0.060") and the frets have some good life in them yet. The single pickup has that classic lipstick sound that Danelectro is known and loved for and the amp is fully functional. One can expect lower volumes from the amplifier but it offers amazing blues and rock sounds!

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