1962 Fender Vibrolux Amp

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The Fender 6G11 Vibrolux is widely considered one of the best medium-powered Fender amps of all time. First introduced in 1956 as a smaller, more affordable option compared to the larger amps in Fender's lineup, the 1962 model, part of the "Brownface" era, is particularly renowned for its rich, tube-bias tremolo, making it a favorite among blues and rock guitarists. Notably associated with Mark Knopfler and used on the legendary Dire Straits track "Sultans of Swing," the Vibrolux combines the rich, fat response of a dual 6L6 power section with smooth midrange and focused top end. Its lush tremolo circuit is super smooth and complements both clean and gained-up tones wonderfully.

The original speaker has been expertly re-coned by Midwest Speaker Repair, ensuring it delivers that authentic vintage sound. Preeminent amp technician Casey Gooby has recently gone through the amp, replacing four electrolytic capacitors, a filter cap, and two resistors, with the originals included for those who would appreciate it. For safety and reliability, the amp has been upgraded to a grounded 3-prong power cord. A replacement footswitch is also included, allowing you to easily control the amp's built-in vibrato. Additionally, the amplifier is equipped with vintage tubes, adding to its warm, classic tone! 

We took about 40 pictures of this amp so if you'd like to see more, you can head on over to our website! Feel free to message us on Reverb or give our shop a call if you'd like to talk more about this gorgeous amp!

Year: 1962

Brand: Fender

Model: Vibrolux Amp 6G11-A

Weight: 37 lbs

Finish: Brownface with original leather handle

Amp Type: Class AB

Grill Clothe: Wheat (original)

Power: ~30 Watts 

Speaker: Original Oxford 12" (10th week of 1962) Re-coned by Midwest Speaker Repair in 2024

Power Section: 2 x RCA 6L6GC

Preamp Section: V1: JJ 12AX7, V2: RCA 7025, V3: General Electric 12AX7, V4: JJ ECC83S

Rectifier: 1 x General Electric 5U4

Controls: (Normal Channel) Volume, Treble, Bass (Bright Channel) Volume, Treble, Bass (Tremolo) Speed, Intensity

Inputs: 4 x 1/4" (2 per Channel)

Outputs: 2 x 1/4" (Internal and Ext Speaker Outs)

FX: Tube Tremolo

Footswitch: Yes (Not Original)

Cover: No

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