1966 Gibson GA-5T Skylark 10 Watt 1x10" Combo

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The Gibson GA-5T Skylark represents Kalamazoo's ultimate iteration of their rebuttal to the Fender Champ, initially conceived as a student model amplifier. However, in today's era, it has evolved into a fantastic choice for both recording and live performance. This slightly more upscale model, the GA-5T with built-in tremolo, hails from 1966, just before Gibson temporarily halted amp production in the late '60s. It boasts a robust Fender-esque layout and construction, featuring a 10-watt output channeled through a 10" Eminence Red Coat Series speaker. Its popularity was notable, albeit fleeting, with a total production of 3,521 units in 1966 and 4,993 units shipped during a mere two-year production span.

This amp has been tested to be fully functioning and the replaced Eminence speaker compliments its vibe wonderfully. A grounded plug has also been installed.

Year: 1966

Brand: Gibson

Model: GA-5T Skylark

Finish: Original Black Tolex

Amp Type: Class A 

Power: 10 Watts

Speaker: 10" Eminence Red Coat Series RF10C

Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Depth, Frequency, Power

Inputs: 2 x 1/4

FX: Tremolo

Footswitch: No

Cover: No

Very Good
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