1968 Fender Bandmaster Head and 2 x 15" Cab

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This 40W drip-edge Bandmaster sings through its accompanying 2x15 cab! Suitable for some bass applications, great for keys, absolutely massive on guitar!!!

The head just came back from service from our good friend Jeff Falla of ToneTron Amps and it's sounding phenomenal! The cab has had both speakers replaced- 1 x era-correct Jensen Alnico and 1 x modern production Jensen 15" speaker. The head is largely original, we've included a shot of the circuit for your convenience. Overall the amp is in very good condition with only minor flaws in the tolex and grille cloth. No major signs of use are detectable. 

With a Les Paul this stack really carries! Turned up, you get a thick breakup with immediate touch sensitivity and a full, but refined low end. Paired with a Union Tube and Transistor 'SHINY', we got some filthy sludge tones with musical and operable feedback. Plugging in a Strat we found some of the finest pedal-friendly clean tones we've heard with a wide smiley EQ curve- rounded and booming bass with a shimmering top, and clear scooped mids. We put a Surfy Bear Classic into the front end and found mammoth sized surf tones a la Dick Dale.

The Bandmaster with the 2x15" cab is probably our favorite way to hear the circuit in play. It works for so many things incredibly well, proving that sometimes... size does matter!




Fender Bandmaster video

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