1972 Fender Bassman-Ten Silverface 4x10" Amp

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First issue of this amp! The Fender Bassman needs no introduction when it comes to the all-time classic amps in history. It has all that vintage road wear and judging from how it plays, it Will have many more years of it to come. Stop by the store and plug into it to hear for yourself!

Year: 1972

Brand: Fender

Model: Silverface Bassman Ten

Finish: Black

Wattage: 50 Watts 

Speaker: 8 ohms 4x10 CTS 

Power Section: 2x 6L6

Preamp Section: 2x 7025

Rectifier: 12AT7

Controls: 2 Channels, Deep/Bright Switches, Volume, Treble, Bass, Middle (Only on Bass/Studio channel), Master Volume

FX: No

Footswitch: No 

Cover: No 


Fender Bassman video