1976 Mesa Boogie Mark I 100/60W 1x12" Combo Amp

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Just in on consignment! This very early Mesa MKI has had a single lifetime owner and just came back from a once over by Jeff Falla of ToneTron Amps. In its 46 years of life it was gigged and serviced routinely. Completely stock, the only modification made was a Black Shadow speaker swap and the replacement of the footswitch (original footswitches included). The Mesa Boogie tone is full of harmonics and lively dynamics- it can sparkle when clean and it can scream when really pushed. These amps were designed to knock big heads and cabs out of the game, by offering high power and great sound in a modest cabinet size. Best of all, this amp ships with its original Anvil road case which has had new foam installed (this shipped with the amp from Mesa, we are working on getting a scan of the receipt from the consignor). Mesa amps are made on a massive scale nowadays with a large and dedicated following. The Mark I will always be the original boutique amp!

Brand: Mesa Engineering

Model: MKI

Finish: Black Tolex

Amp Type: Class AB

Power: 100/60W

Speaker: Mesa Black Shadow 12" (Mid-80s)

Power Section: 2 x USA Sylvania 5881s in 60W mode, plus 2 x Sovtek 5881s for 100W

Preamp Section: 1 x Philips 7025, 1 x Amperex 12AX7, 1 x Tungsram 12AX7, 1 x RCA 12AT7,

Rectifier: Solid State

Controls: Volume 1 (Gain boost), Volume 2 (Bright boost), Master Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence (back panel), Reverb (back panel), Slave Output (back panel), 5-Band Graphic EQ

Inputs: 2 x 1/4" 

Special Features: Channel switching with single button footswitch. (Original footswitches and cables included).


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