2002 Zvex Nano Head Tube Amplifier - Handpainted (Brad Whitford of Aerosmith)

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The worlds smallest tube amp...The ZVEX Nano Head! 0.5 Watts, 8 or 16 ohm output, and capable of heavy saturation. This amp is voiced for classic rock tones and would be a huge hit in the studio. 

"Just crank the volume knob around to the level of distortion you desire, from a very quiet (one tenth watt) clean mode to a micro-Marshall (TM) blast when cranked up."

Controls: Bright switch, Volume, Thickness 3-way switch (Normal, Thin, Fat), Mellow 3-way Switch (Mellow 2/Normal/Mellow 1). Use the mellow switch to roll off treble if needed after first distortion stage. Mellow 2 is mellower, naturally, and Normal is brightest.

This pedal was owned and played by Brad Whitford of Aerosmith.

Dimensions: 4.5" x 3.15" x 3"

Good condition, no box, no power supply

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