2006-2009 Fender Super Sonic 60W 2-Channel Head

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The Super Sonic series from Fender came largely from their Pro Sonic amps from the 90s with dual cascading gain controls looking to put Fender on the map for high-gain! There are 2 channels on the Super Sonic 60- Vintage and Burn. The Vintage channel offers classic tweed and black panel Fender tones, while the Burn channel offers vintage and modern, low to high gain voices with 3 band EQ. Paired with a 2x12" or a 4x12" cab, you have the sound and power requirements fit for high power rock and metal on just about any stage, or pair with a 1x12" or 2x10" for smaller clubs. Gently used, kept in a smoke-free environment- this Super Sonic 60 is sounding great with original tubes, and 3 button footswitch.

  • 60W
  • 2 x 6L6 Class AB power
  • 2 speaker outputs
  • 3 button footswitch for channel switching, Effects On/Off, and Vintage channel voice
  • Tube buffered FX loop with Send and Return level controls
  • Preamp Send and Power Amp Insert I/O
  • Classic Blonde/Oxblood tolex and grille
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