Alexander Pedals Outrun Green

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Excellent condition, scratch and smoke free, no box.

"These pedals have quite an interesting backstory: during the initial stages of the pandemic in 2020, when uncertainty prevailed, we embarked on designing a series of drive pedals. To ensure we could construct them manually instead of depending on surface-mount robots, we opted for through-hole parts. We meticulously hand-built numerous pedals and even commissioned a demo video. Unfortunately, circumstances never aligned for us to officially release these pedals. Consequently, we find ourselves with a collection of these pedals patiently waiting on a shelf, eager to unleash their rocking potential."

Each color represents a distinct drive pedal, incorporating elements from classic designs with contemporary enhancements. Every pedal in the set is exceptional and they look so good together!!

Outrun Green: Soft-clipping overdrive with a vintage feel. Toggle selects between mid-boosted and bass-boosted tones. May or may not make your tubes scream.

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