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Super powerful and stellar reverb unit that gives the Big Sky a real run for its money! Very good condition, ships fast and safe.

Space Force's 8 modes include:

PLATE: Based on a vintage studio reverb, this simulates the reflective properties of a giant metal plate. We’ve also included a virtual tape pre-delay and adjustable tape flanging modulation.

MOD HALL: Classic 1980s electronic hall reverb with adjustable pitch modulation. We’ve added high and low EQ controls to allow for fine-tuning the reverb tone.

PITCH: Chamber reverb effect with twin adjustable pitch shifters. Each shifter has selectable intervals ranging from a detune effect to an octave. Try with detune or down an octave for a cool textural wash.

SPRING: Surf’s up! Spring reverb effect with multi-wave tube bias type tremolo. We’ve placed the tremolo after the reverb to ensure that it stays juicy no matter how wet you run the springs.

LO-FI: 1990s style electronic reverb with distortion on the reverb trails. Classic “shoegaze” effect, try this with the SAW modulation to simulate whammy bar guitar.

ANALOG: “Electronic” reverb based on an obsolete analog delay chip, these units were often used in karaoke machines and have a distinctive tone. Keep the time knob low for reverb or increase for cascading delay effects.

DYNAMIC: Large cathedral-style reverb with a volume-sensing fade effect. GATE mode will cut off the reverb like ‘80s drums, BLOOM will fade in just the reverb signal, and SWELL fades in both wet and dry for a more intense effect.

ECHOVERB: Room reverb and delay in parallel. Each effect has its own set of controls and is independent. The delay effect works even when the reverb effect is in the HOLD / FREEZE state.

Space Force also boasts onboard presets, stereo ins and outs, MIDI capability, and a tap/ctrl foot switch to engage expression ramping.

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