Analog Alien Fuzzbubble-45

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Classic rock overdrive and fuzz combined into one purple pedal!

The Overdrive side of this pedal is designed to replicate tube amp breakup from the 60's and 70's. It has a simple control section with an Out knob to adjust the level, a Year knob to set the amount of gain, an In knob to control the input level, and a Tone toggle switch to reduce low frequencies. On the other hand, the Fuzz side offers a straightforward but powerful fuzz face-type sound. It shares the same In, Out, and Tone controls as the Overdrive side, with the addition of a Haze knob to adjust the intensity of the fuzz saturation. The circuitry produces a rich and full-bodied sound, ensuring that the tone never sounds too thin, regardless of the settings. Both sides can be used independently or together to create a variety of sonic possibilities. Properly adjusting the pedal settings in conjunction with the guitar's volume knob can result in a perfect match for your rig and potentially replace other pedals on your pedalboard. Analog Alien is a company worth checking out, and their website and demo video are highly recommended.

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