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Balthazar de Ley is a Chicago-based studio technician for the Smashing Pumpkins who grew fascinated with the 50’s and 60’s era Selmer amps from the UK. These long-forgotten and often quirky amp designs were Balthazar’s inspiration for his first commercial release, the Film Noir 50 head and cab, which earned him a Premier Guitar Premier Gear award.  

The Cabaret 13 is his latest release, a hand-wired, turret board, 1x10”, EL84, 13 watt combo loosely based on the Vox Cambridge. The British bell-like chime and raw energy is there in spades, though the Cabaret 13 features more headroom and a punchier low-end than an AC15. The tremolo has the choppier Vox-vibe and the Reverb is smokey and thick with a nice high-end roll off that keeps the attack of the guitar present. The tone controls offer a beautiful and broad range, but we LOVE setting everything at 10 and letting it rip.  The Celestion Gold is an inspired pairing for this fireball of an amp!


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