Boss SL-20 Slicer

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The SL-20 turns your sound into chopped grooves with adjustable note attack and duration. It has 50 onboard rhythmic patterns and amazing Harmonic Slice effects. It can be used for creating high-energy patterns in real-time during performances or as a songwriting and recording tool. You can play the sliced sounds in real-time and capture them with Loop Record feature. The SL-20 also comes with an internal tap-tempo feature and can sync to external MIDI clock. It allows you to control sound characteristics such as attack, duration, effect level, and direct level using onboard knobs or an external Expression pedal.

The SL-20 is an addictive and inspiring effect that truly sparks creativity. It's not limited to just guitarists, and proves useful for other instrumentalists like bassists, keyboardists, and DJs. It can be used with various instruments or music-playback devices, making it versatile for different musicians and genres. DJs and dance-music artists will also find it valuable as a rhythmic-performance tool.

This pedal is in excellent to mint condition and ships safe and fast!

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