Caroline Guitar Company Crom 'Riddle of Steel' Fuzz

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The Crom is the new saturator from Caroline Guitar Company which creates epic, lore-worthy fuzz tones!

The Crom cleans up like an overdrive with its incredible dynamics but it can get into the high gain territory of Big Muffs and Tone Benders no problem! The Turbo switch on the side resembles the EQ curves of those two respective pedals beautifully as well. Turbo mode OFF has a carved out bass response similar to a MKI or MKII Bender with a crispy top end similar to a MK1.5. Turbo mode ON gives a smoky, Civil War era Muff tone when the center knob is rolled back. Big bass response!

Overall the Crom should suit your style no matter who you are! But the Crom surely feels right at home with larger amps and higher headroom situations.

From Caroline:

"We are proud to release the CROM. Based on the old Supa Tone Benders and Muff style pedals that inspired our Olympia fuzz of a decade ago, CROM does away with the typical lossy tone stack, instead using an emphasis control influenced by 1950s tweed amplifiers. The end result is much more mid forward rather than scooped, tighter and more defined at lower gain settings, and bullish through the mix at higher gain. Two modes (standard & turbo) are available for setting the gain range and frequency responses."

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