Chase Bliss Audio Condor Analog EQ/Pre/Filter with Wooden Box

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Pre-owned in Excellent Condition with original wooden box and contents

The Condor functions as an analog multi-effect unit, granting advanced manipulation over an extensive array of effects encompassing EQ, overdrive, boost, tremolo, and filter sounds. Within this pedal, a robust parametric mids control is available, spanning from 150Hz to 4kHz, complemented by three distinct low pass filter or bass boost/cut modes. Alongside its comprehensive frequency handling, the Condor boasts gain and volume knobs, as well as an adaptable overdrive circuit, enabling precise crafting of your desired guitar timbre. In alignment with the ethos of all Chase Bliss Audio pedals, these configurations are storable in presets, capable of gradual changes, or manageable through an expression pedal. While every knob and switch is linked to a modest digital processor, your guitar's signal maintains full analog integrity, remaining untouched by digital processing.

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