Cornerstone Music Gear 'Gladio' Double Preamp

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El Diablo is proud to welcome Cornerstone to the new pedal roster!

Each pedal from Cornerstone is handbuilt in Northern Italy with the utmost care and attention to detail. The Gladio 2.1 is a double preamp that is based on the D style amp circuit. This pedal is much more than a preamp/OD in that it elegently simulates realistic tube-compression to be able to replicaate true amp responsiveness and saturation.

The Gladio 2.1 can be thought of as two channels that exist independently and can be toggled between with the touch of footswitch or stacked on top of one another to increase the overall drive and grit. You can do this with the center toggle switch. Say hello to smooth buttery lead tones! 

Channel 1's controls on the less gai side are Volume, Gain and Tone with a COMP toggle switch that  lets you choose between two different compression levels.

The 2nd channel is the “angry” side of the Gladio 2.1. Special hard clipping, a tad fuzzy, and chock full of harminic richness.

Channel 2's controls are also Volume, Gain, and Tone, but with a toggle switch labeled JAZZ/ROCK. 

Lastly, open up the pedal up to find two internal pots, BASS for channel 1 and PRESENCE for channel 2.

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