Cunningham Amplifiers Dual Range Fuzz MK 1.6 Tone Bender

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The Dual Range Fuzz is a beautiful hand-crafted effect pedal based on Cunningham's MK 1.6 Fuzz circuit. The Dual Range Fuzz takes it one step further by introducing a boosted fuzz mode that can be tweaked for even more dirt. The pedal in particular has a premium pair of NOS RCA Germanium Transistors. Cunningham builds these circuits on hand-etched boards with the highest quality components and precise attention to detail! The Dual Range fuzz is perfect for high gain, chewy fuzz that won't get buried in a mix. 

"The controls are simple but highly effective - 'Attack' dials up the fuzz and 'Level' sets the overall output of the effect, which ranges from soft to sonic destruction. The Boost controls interact with the standard Attack and Level controls to provide an extremely diverse palette of tones, ranging from boosted cleans to searing fuzzed-out mayhem. You can set the pedal up to create two quite distinct tones or maybe add just a touch of extra grunt to your rhythm tone for cranking out a lead."

This pedal is battery-powered and includes a DC power socket (standard center negative, 2.1mm plug). The battery is disconnected from the circuit when the DC plug is inserted so you can leave hooked up on your board. There's also an on\off switch if using battery only.

It is recommended to use an isolated power supply with this pedal! 


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