Demedash Effects 112+ Drive Channel

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We're very excited to announce Demedash Effects have joined us here at El Diablo! Due to the demand on these fine devices, they willONLY be sold IN STORE in Minneapolis, MN. The 112+ Drive Channel is a true anomaly of the overdrive market. Every pedal starts with its power, and here the 112+ already kicks the norm. Standard 9VDC in gets converted by a charge pump to 34V for enormous headroom and clarity. A discrete JFET preamp gives a slight sizzle and boost from the input to the 'Voice' toggle which decides how much low-end enters the Drive section. The smooth clipping quality makes its way to the 3-band active EQ, and to the output stage where you have enough headroom to make a Twin Reverb buckle. The 112+ is a great boost, a great overdrive, or consider it the distortion channel to your clean amp. Any way you wish to use it will leave you smiling.