Demedash T-120 Deluxe Videotape Echo v2 Limited Edition Red (Pre-owned)

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In on trade in mint condtion plus the original box. This is a limited, hand stamped edition of the widely acclaimed T-120 Deluxe from Demedash!

Hand stamped red enclosures with gold knobs and font brings together the raw quality of this echo unit with the glamour that is the modern fascination with lo-fi.

If you're not already aware of Demedash's T-120 Videotape echo, we've attached our description from our standard listing:

Do you remember when you had to tape your favorite tv shows while you were out? But then you came home only to find that you didn't have enough tape to catch the end of the show, so you recorded something else over it? And you recorded over it again. And again. And again... Eventually all the splices, all the reorganization of magnetic material, all the sunlight exposure, and the VCR read and record heads (which had never been cleaned) brought about a bizarre quality to your formerly squeaky clean recording. The T-120 captures that sound and feeling like no other delay on the market. Equipped with a simple control set, 1.5 seconds of delay time, and a build quality that pairs kindly with the sincerity of its aesthetic- the Videotape Echo is an instant classic! Stop by the shop to try one out!

The Deluxe features a dual-function Tap Tempo and Takeoff (oscillate) footswitch with subdivision control.

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