Demedash T-60 Analog Modulator Limited Edition Red/Gold Stamped

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From the T-120 Videotape Echo- Steve Demedash has presented us with its sibling: the T-60 Analog Modulator. A feature packed, do-it-all warble device that is borne of the classic BBD sound musicians have come to know and love. Make it random, make it choppy, make it flange! Most sounds you can think up are readily available with controls you've seen before and maybe some you haven't seen before. Here's a basic breakdown:

Depth/Regen: This control manipulates the amount of modulation happening- from subtle to... not so subtle. While holding the right footswitch it enters the alternate mode for Regen- which you can treat like feedback on a flanger or delay. Turn it up for greater repeats on the delay line, all the way to oscillation.

Rate/Divs: This knob controls the speed of the effect, as well as the subdivision of the tap tempo control.

Mix: This controls the blend of wet and dry signal. All the way to pure vibrato, just a single wiggly worm.

Chop/Random: As you turn this control up the modulation waveform becomes more square creating an intense effect. When holding down the right footswitch, turning the knob clockwise yields greater mystery to the effect as speed and depth changes go from totally linear to truly tape like.

Lag: This will offset the wet signal from dry, adding a slight latency which is the key to flanging.

EQ: Right for bright, left for low and leaden


If you loved the T-120, you are bound to love the T-60!