DSM Noisemaker Simplifier Zero Watt Amplifier and Cabinet Simulator Pedal

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With a totally analog signal path, the Simplifier's amp side gives you 3 classic amp options with Master volume and 3-band EQ, to get you from 60s Blackface, to Top Boots chime, to Marshall crunch.

The Power amp simulator brings life to the Simplifier capturing the interaction between power tubes and output transformer. Resonance and Presence controls with 3 output tube options (6L6, EL34, and KT88) give you fine control over how your power amp will respond.

The Cab Sim lets you choose a stereo set of 1, 2, or 4x12" cabs with Mic Position knob for Center/Off-Axis to precisely dial in your top end response.

Spread control creates pseudo stereo image by widening your signal for a more 3D effect, even in Mono!

Stereo FX Loop, 4 outs, Headphone out, Aux in.

A powerful box that brings the whole rig together!


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