Electronic Audio Experiments Dagger V2

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Hark! The Electronic Audio Experiments Dagger, a miniature Longsword op amp drive, doth grace our presence. We didst refine the circuit to its core gain stages and dual band shelving EQ, thereby balancing simplicity with versatility.

While Electronic Audio Experiments miniaturized the Longsword, the Dagger found its own voice. In this process, they re-examined the quirks and unique rough edges of earlier Longsword versions. The V1 and V2 Longswords, with less headroom, didst allow the EQ controls to overload the output stage, imparting a distinctively fuzzy sound. Though not traditional, we fell back in love with that sound and didst incorporate those design elements into the Dagger. The Dagger, apart from its suitability for small pedal boards, also doth stand on its own as a unique drive pedal.

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