ENGL Ironball Special Edition w/ Footswitch

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The ultimate in high gain! This ENGL Ironball packs an astonishing amount of features into this tiny grab-and-go head. Perfect for the studio or stage, and depending on how you play- this may simplify things quite a bit...

Dual channel operation with a Clean and Lead channel, and a host of effects, gain staging options, and more! From the front, it looks mostly like your average amplifier- save for a toggle section that gives you quick control over routing, effects, and more. In the back you'll find everything from a headphone output to XLR DI output, USB and MIDI input, effects controls, numerous outputs, and the list goes on and on. The clean tones are crisp and lively, while the Lead channel offers a TON of gain but sounds great on tame settings as well. 8 loadable Impulse Responses means you can cover anything from Skynyrd to Metallica to Deftones, and switching between those can be done with the flick of a switch.

Lightweight and packed with innumerable sounds, the ENGL Ironball is a treat for players looking to cut down on their rig size without sacrificing their sound.


Year: 2022

Brand: ENGL

Model: Ironball Special Edition

Power: 20W/5W/1W

Speaker: N/A

Power Section: 2 x EL84

Preamp Section: 5 x ECC83

Rectifier: SS

Inputs: 1 Instrument input, MIDI Input, USB Input

Outputs: 8-16ohm Speaker output, 16ohm Dual Mono Speaker output, Balanced XLR Output, Headphone output

Controls: Clean Gain, Lead Gain, 3-band EQ, Lead Presence, Lead Volume, Master Volume

FX: Digital reverb and delay

Footswitch: No

Cover: No

Special Features: A host of tweakable features with Gain Boost, Noise Gate, Digital FX (Footswitchable), Buffered FX Loop (Footswitchable), MIDI Input, USB in for loading Impulse Responses (8 user-preset IRs available at one time via the selector knob on the back)

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