Flattley Guitar Pedals Platinum Series The Phoenix Stereo Analog Flanger

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The Phoenix is a vintage-style analogue flanger that boasts stereo outputs and two delay chips, resulting in two separate circuits. When set to "normal," only one delay chip is used, but in "differential mode," the second delay chip is utilized in parallel but out of phase with the first, producing deep and creamy flanging tones. Turning up the delay time creates incredibly smooth and deep flanging effects.

Flattley's "Platinum Range" pedals are all hand-processed in their paint shop, with the bare aluminum enclosure first abraded and coated in etch primer to provide an anti-corrosive layer and ensure a durable paint finish. After applying several coats of base coat primer, the enclosure is abraded to remove any blemishes or paint speckles and then coated with multiple layers of base color until achieving an even coverage with rich, smooth depth. Next, metallic holographic chrome flake is added with a clear intercoat, providing Flattley's signature sparkle.

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