Hlūd Sonic Manipulation - Black Mass

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The BLACK MASS is back....summoning an otherworldly spirit. A classic four transistor circuit, part “Ram” and part “Russian” but ultimately having its own voice. Its incantations sustain with thunderous deep chants you feel with enough mid-range presence allowing all to hear.
This is one of my first effects I built and started selling, close to a decade ago now. A pretty traditional Muff circuit, it started with me cloning a particularly nice sounding black Russian version I have, but then I keeped tweaking. It has a bit lower gain and is tuned for bass and detuned guitar. Clipping selector switch to choose from LED/silicon hybrid, symmetrical silicon, and asymmetrical schottky diodes in one of the clipping stages. Tonestack includes a midrange presence control to deal with the Muffs inherent mid scoop. 
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