Hlūd Sonic Manipulation - Black Shuck

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A creature out of lore, the BLACK SHUCK started life as a simple two transistor fuzz, but has since taken the form of an evil black dog…hairy with dagger like teeth. Its forceful howl ranges from deep and thunderous to a piercing shriek, a roar that is said to be an omen of death...

The goal here was a Fuzz Face that wasn't a Fuzz Face. Something that could go from wooly to shrill, like a fat HM2 in some settings. PN2222A silicon transistors and a bypassable Muff style tone control that has been tweaked to have a flatter mid-range. Filter control is a simple input capacitor blend that controls the amount of lowend that enters the circuit. A surprisingly tweakable pedal for such a simple circuit.
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