Hughes and Kettner Cream Machine Amp Head

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"The Cream Machine is basically a low wattage high-gain Marshall valve amplifier in miniture and is used to produce that classic over-driven British rock guitar tone.  Just crank the controls around to the level of distortion required, from a very smooth cream mode to when cranked a full sounding mini Marshall. The Cream Machine is not best for clean tones - it is designed to produce Marshall style amp distortion. For clean tones use a Cream Machine in sequence with a Crunch Master (Blues Master) and have the Crunch Master provide the clean tones and act as the power amp to drive the speakers."

Good condition

Brand: Hughes and Kettner

Model: Cream Machine

Finish: Black

Power: 1 Watt

Power Section: x1 12AU7

Preamp Section: x1 12AX7

Rectifier: Solid State 

Inputs: x2 1/4"

Outputs: x1 Speaker 8ohm, x1 Footswitch, x1 Tube Amp Out, x1 Inst. Out, x1 Cabinetulator Mix Out

Controls: x1 Gain, x1 Master 

FX: None

Footswitch: None

Cover: No

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