Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere w/ Power Supply (Brad Whitford of Aerosmith)

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Brad Whitfords Rotosphere is up for sale!

One of the most authentic sounding Leslie speaker emulation pedals ever made. Used by the likes of Joe Bonamassa, Queen, Rush, Jeff Beck, and George Lynch, this pedal speaks for itself. Tube powered, built like a brick, and very simple to manipulate. 

"The configuration of the pedal is pretty easy to follow. You’ve got knobs for drive and output, and another knob for rotor balance with each extreme being HF/LF, its kind of like a tone knob. There are then buttons for bypass, breaker, and to set how slow-fast you want the rotary to go. The end result is a sound similar to that of a Leslie speaker cabinet. The manual for this is well put together and is helpful when learning all the ins and outs of this pedal."

Fair condition, no box, replacement power supply included

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