Ibanez Handwired Tube Screamer TS808HW

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The TS808HW deluxe version takes the Tube Screamer to the next level! Specifically designed for professional musicians, it's encased in a heavy-duty metal box, features hand-wired parts and carefully selected JRC4558D chips (the same ones used in the renowned TS808). It also incorporates high-end, Japanese OFC cable (AWG21) for optimal performance. With True Bypass, the TS808HW delivers pure guitar excitement to your amp without any signal loss. This version represents the pinnacle of Tube Screamer evolution.

Key features of the TS808HW include:

  • Limited production
  • Completely hand-wired construction
  • Controls for overdrive, tone, and level
  • Japanese MOGAMI OFC cable
  • True Bypass functionality
  • Requires 8mA of current at 9V
  • Powered by a single 9-volt battery (006P) or an external AC adapter (DC 9V, center-negative). Converter cable included.

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