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The Delay Llama was a highly favored BBD analog delay for years, but the folks at JAM weren't through with it after 3 or 4 iterations. The Xtreme offers unprecedented features, flexibility, and quality of sound with 4 unique modes of operation, saveable presets and expression control.

The 4 modes include:

  • Vibrato Mode: This adds pitch modulation to the delayed signal in the vein of the big box vintage Deluxe Memory Man, which unlike chorus can accent rhythms and be used for more radical sounds overall. Controls for Speed and Depth are found as secondary controls "under" the Repeats and Level knobs
  • Tape Mode: Tape mode captures the low-end loss as well as wow & flutter found in old tape echoes in need of new tape or calibration. Controls for Frequency and Amount of pitch deviation are found as secondary controls "under" the Repeats and Level knobs.
  • Random: this mode randomly changes the ms value of the repeats over fixed time increments resulting in abrupt pitch and rhythmic changes.
  • Pitch-shift: this mode will give you 5 distinct pitch-shifted intervals and 5 playback patterns the last of which is a 5-mode sequencer.

Kill-dry, tap tempo, and trails are found as well- and this brief blurb only scratches the surface of this pedal's potential! On it's own it is a remarkable piece of gear, but where it takes the player is the most fascinating thing about it by far.

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    One Delay Pedal to Rule Them All

    Posted by Bill O'Donnell on May 2nd 2020

    I've been in search for a proper analog bucket brigade delay for a long time. Many digital delays I have gone through and are all but relegated to the dust bin. The Jam Pedals Delay Llama Extreme hits the mark with it's bucket brigade goodness and tone. The best part is that, unlike digital counterparts, it's simple to use. 4 configurable presets, and it flies right out of the box. Run, don't walk, and buy this pedal.