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One of the latest from JAM! 

"David Gilmour explains in an interview with Guitar Player (January 09):

"We discovered it as the result of a serendipitous accident that happened in about 1969 or 1970, when a roadie had plugged the wah in the wrong way, and I stomped into it and got this incredible screaming noise."  

The brilliance of this effect isn't really the effect in it self but the fact that David went ahead and explored how he could tame and integrate the effect in a song after obviously having heard something that must have sounded quite horrible. Actually, David employed the effect long before Pink Floyd wrote Echoes. It can be heard during early live versions of the unreleased song Embryo.

Echoes was premiered April 22 1970 in Norwich UK (introduced as Return of the Son of Nothing). The seagull sequence was now moved to Echoes from Embryo, which now featured echo swells produced with the Binson Echorec."


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