JDM Pedals Green Meanie (Germanium/Silicon Fuzz/Distortion)

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hand-wired, true bypass, vintage transistors, and high tolerance components!

Very Good condition, no box.

From JDM: 

Not meant to look pretty, and NOT “just another Muff clone”, the ‘Meanie conjures everything from a hint of 60’s fuzz to bone marrow melting hot lava high gain sounds.

The Germanium first stage takes care of the softer, juicier side, and he silicon second stage adds the “tightness” and “punch”. Swap from “Green” to “Mean” with the toggle, and use the Tone, Density, and Mid knobs to tailor your tone to taste.

This pedal is also KILLER on bass guitar. The “Density” control allows you to get the full range of bass through the pedal. In “Green” mode, one guitarist said at a rehearsal where I was playing bass through a small, clean Warwick amp, “that box makes the amp sound like an Ampeg!”

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