KHDK Electronics Paranormal Limited Edition Gary Holt Signature Parametric EQ / Overdrive

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Gary Holt's always-on pedal! The Paranormal has been an integral part of his rig throughout the final Slayer tour. As its name suggests, this pedal combines a parametric EQ with an overdrive circuit, aiming to capture the ferocious tones of the Exodus and Slayer guitarist.

  • Mid slider: Controls the midrange output
    • Turned up: Boosts mids by +10dB
    • Turned down: Cuts mids by -10dB
  • Bandwidth knob: Sets the width of the midrange
    • Clockwise: Wider range and more transparency
    • Anti-clockwise: Narrow midrange, specific frequencies highlighted
    • Minimum setting: Effect is stronger and mid control is more aggressive
  • Freq knob: Sweeps mid frequency
    • Moves mid control's center frequency from 30Hz to 8000Hz

Other features of the pedal include a bypass switch and an internal volume trimmer. The trimmer can be used to feed a stronger signal into the overdrive section for more gain and compression, or a weaker signal for a cleaner output with more headroom.

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