Kingsley Constable V2 Valve Preamplifier

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Excellent condition, Original power supply included

The Kingsley Constable is a tube guitar preamplifier modeled after the classic "plexi" design of the late 1960's. It is designed to push a power amplifier directly but may also be used into the effects return of a guitar amplifier effects loop. While the most authentic plexi tones are achieved by using one of the above methods, the Constable also features a mode of operation that attenuates its output to allow it to be run into the front end of a guitar amplifier or in front of other guitar effects pedals, for a clean boost or mild to medium drive pedal.

The Kingsley Constable uses two 12ax7 tubes running at high voltage (around 270VDC) to get the most authentic valve tone out of its hand wired circuit.

V2 Features:

  • 2 x Master Volumes (M A/B Footswitch alternates between them)
  • 3 Output modes (full output (position 3), attenuated output (position 2), and attenuated output with treble roll-off (position 1)
  • "Bright 1" Switch (Position 3: Classic upper mid bite and aggression associated with plexi amps. Position 2: Reduces the bright cap for a more moderate brghtness response. Position 1: The bright cap toggles between these two values when stepping on the "M.Lift" footswitch. In this way you can select a moderate bright response for rhythm playing and then step on the left footswitch for a more aggressive bite (accompanied by the second Master volume for a boost if desired).


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