Mastro Valvola TimeLab Multi-Dimensional Delay

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Preowned in Very Good condition! No box. 

The TimeLab represents a blend of analog and digital all in one lil unit. The analog component of the circuit governs the dry signal and repetition filter, whereas the digital segment employs custom-designed algorithms of significant strength to handle the echoes. These algorithms faithfully recreate four distinct original delay resonances, each characterized by exceptional sound quality.

Main features:

  • a choice of 4 types of delayDigital – Analog – Resonance – Modulation
  • active analog filter, to give emphasis to the frequency response of the repetitions
  • a selection of times, from 0 ms to 1000 ms
  • Tap Tempo with subdivision between quarterdotted eighth and eighth triplets
  • control over delay time with soft pitch bending
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