Mesa Boogie Fillmore 25 2-Channel 23-Watt Guitar Amp Head

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The Fillmore 25 head is one of the better buys for the $1k range guitar amps. Crystal clear cleans and hot rodded drive that sounds unmistakably Mesa Boogie with all the flexibility a modern player could want from a multi-channel amp. Pedal level FX loop allows you to integrate your favorite time-based effects without getting lost in the sauce when you wanna crank up the gain, and individual EQ and Reverb control per channel is heaven-sent when you want a distinct lead and rhythm tone. 

This amp is in near-mint condition- the only flaw is a small smudge/scrape on the nameplate. Includes manual, cover, and 1-button footswitch. This is an excellent deal on a pro-grade tube amp!


Year: 2021

Brand: Mesa Boogie

Model: Fillmore 25 Head

Finish: Black Tolex

Power: 25W

Speaker: N/A

Power Section: 2 x 6V6

Preamp Section: 5 x 12AX7

Rectifier: Solid State

Inputs: Guitar Input, Channel Footswitch, Reverb Footswitch (Back Panel), Power Amp In (Back Panel)

Outputs: 2 x 4ohm Speaker Outputs, 1 x 8ohm Speaker Output, Preamp Out

Controls: Gain, Treble, Mids, Bass, Presence, Master (per channel)

FX: Spring Reverb (Independent level controls per channel)

Footswitch: 1-button Channel Footswitch included

Cover: Vinyl Cover included

Special Features: FX Loop, Clean/Drive/Hi-Gain voice for each channel