Metz Amplification Jumble 18 Guitar Amp Head

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We're always proud to show off Minneapolis' finest hand-built amplifiers. Today, we're proud to have a couple of amps from Metz Amplification up for sale! John is a good friend and a genius amp designer here in the Twin Cities. The care and attention to detail he displays in his amps is absolutely mind boggling and 100% worth stopping in to see for yourself. 

This creation is an 18 watt EL84 cathode biased amp capable of shimmering cleans and grinding overdrive. It has single 4, 8, and 16 Ohm taps for matching loads. Greater than 16 ohm load is not recommended. Turn to standby (or total off) before connecting/disconnecting speaker cabinets. Amp should be in standby for ~30 seconds before turning to solid state rectifier (up
position) or tube rectifier (down position). Do not leave amp in standby for extended periods of time (if over 2 minutes, turn off completely). Unique controls beyond the standard tone, gain and volume controls (I believe you’re savvy enough to know what treble is).

"My Metz amp is the finest overall guitar amp I’ve ever encountered. Typically, guitar amps have one ‘sweet spot’… My Metz Jumble 18 is sweet-sounding all across the spectrum. My Jumble 18 is the perfect club amp….dead quiet when maxed out….lovely all across the tonal spectrum…plenty of power, yet muscular at low stage volumes…….a delight to use. No need for distortion pedals when using the Metz….. My amp collection consists of some great classic amplifiers; all of which have been collecting dust ever since I acquired one of John’s amps."
- Mark Bendickson

An amplifier built by John Metz is hand crafted and tailored for your ultimate personal musical expression 


Year: 2024

Brand: Metz Amplification

Model: Jumble 18

Weight: 24.2 lbs

Finish: Minwax Tung Oil

Power: 18 Watts Class A

Power Section: 2 x EL84

Preamp Section: 2 x 12AX7

Rectifier: EZ81 OR Solid State

Effects Loop: Yes 

Inputs: 1 x 1/4, 1 x 1/4" TS for Boost (single button footswitch)

Outputs: 2 x 1/4" (8 or 16 ohm), 1/4" Line Out

Controls: Power Switch, SS/Tube Rect/Standby Switch, Cut, Master, Bass, Mid, Boost Volume, 3 way Drive switch, Treble, Gain, More/Less toggle for Hi or Lo input sensitivity

FX: No

Footswitch: Not Included

More Specs:

● Hi/Lo (More/Less): 1st stage input impedance
● Boost: 2nd stage cathode bypass cap on/off (acts like a mid boost)
● Drive(D1*D3*D2): Phase inverter input gain level (can also push mids but in a different part of the circuit)
● Cut: Post Phase Inverter Master Volume treble roll-off
● Rectifier/Standby switch up SS (faster tighter response), down TUBE (slower response w/ more sag), middle Standby

● 0.5 amp DC fuse
● 2A AC fuse
● Internal lighting 4.5watt LED buld (Std buld size).

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