Milkman Sound 'The Amp' 50W Hybrid Guitar Amp Pedal

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The Amp from Milkman Sound is your simple solution for recording, front of house, and silent practice!

The Amp can run in a number of fashions. You can power a cabinet, run a Lo-Z DI signal out, use it as a preamp/reverb/tremolo pedal, or as a practice amp utilizing the headphone output.

The great sound of Milkman Amps can be found in this pedal, with 50W Class D power and a 12AX7 preamp section. Velvet-like tremolo, a convincing digital spring-style reverb, and a master volume controlled preamp with Treble and Bass controls. 1x12" selectable cab sim on the headphone and XLR outputs.

No box, just the pedal ad IEC cable.

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